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We are using Adobe Analytics only, but haven't yet licensed Adobe Advertising. However I have successfully integrated data from Google Ads using these instructions:

A Guide to Advertising Analytics | Adobe Analytics

The resulting advertising data looks fine and precisely matches what I can see in Google Ads. However when I try to report other metrics such as Visits or Page Views against the Advertising (AMO) dimensions, the numbers are tiny and obviously wrong (I also track the campaign visits using tracking codes and those numbers are much higher). See an example here:




According to the above documentation, breaking down Advertising dimensions with other metrics is possible. It says:


"The AMO ID is connected to a visitor’s profile when a visitor land on the site from a paid search ad. As such, the AMO dimensions can be used to break down both the AMO metrics provided by this integration as well as any data captured downstream by the visitor (visits, visitors, page views, bounce rate, orders, revenue, custom events, etc)."


What could be the cause of this behavior?

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Honestly, this is something I've been planning to do on our sites too... but haven't yet made the integration yet... I am very interested in what people have to say on this....