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Adobe Experience Platform Debugger - App


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The Adobe Experience Platform Debugger is a great tool for use on a website, but does it also work for apps?


If it works on app, does anyone have any advice on how to best use it in a practical way, to test & validate tags etc?


(This is a non technical / non IT developer asking - I'm interested in knowing if there is a (simple) way to replicate an app experience in a browser in conjunction with the debugger tool; in the same way that one would typically use the debugger for a website).




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@danielt36113379 Adobe Experience Platform debugger don't work for mobile apps. For apps, you can either use Project Griffon (it would require access, setup, etc.) or any of the third party debugger tools like Charles, Fiddler, etc.


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Recent option includes Broswer Stack.

I never tested, but few of the experts are praising it.