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Adobe Analytics: Tracking basic data like pageviews + UTM parameters sources without consent on cookies banner


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Hey, Is it possible to tracking basic data like pageviews + UTM parameters sources without consent on cookies banner with Adobe Analytics?

With Adobe Analytics we are using tag manager Tealium, so can anyone recommend me best solution how to track basics without consent on cookies banner?


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I am not sure if this is possible.. at the time that Adobe (and most other Analytics tools) were created, they were designed to fingerprint users and create a relational set of data around key metrics such as Page Views, Unique Visitors and Visits... 


Visits are essentially calculated by identifying the user with the pages viewed... if values such as the user identification are null, I suspect something will break in the processing...


This is likely why the consent models are basically all or nothing... 


That isn't to say this is completely impossible, but it's not really a standard implementation and I don't know off hand how you might achieve such a thing...


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That is absolutely possible! Within your tag manager, you are in full control of which data gets tracked when. For that reason, it's easy to limit the scope of what is tracked in relation to the consent status. Naturally, what can and can't be measured entirely depends on your company's interpretation of the legal requirements, so the specifics are something you need to figure out internally.

While this already allows you to control which variables get set or not, you can also utilize the many customization options of the Adobe Analytics library to tune cookies to your exact requirement. For example, leveraging the cookieLifetime variable will allow you to control if and how cookies are set, even going fully cookie-less, which might be relevant to your use case.

If required, you can even use the Data Collection API directly to hand-craft privacy-friendly requests that go directly to Adobe Analytics without any library being loaded. It all depends on your exact requirements, but Adobe Analytics can certainly cover all of them!