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Adobe Analytics API Slow performance when using two machines


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Hi, I'm new in the community

My problem is: I've tried to perform two large extractions from different machines over the same VRS. I'm using different project credentials (to be clear lets say I have project1 --> machine 1 and project2--> machine 2). I've tried to launch the two queries over different dimensions at the same time but I experienced by the logs that the performance drops and works dead slow (only 5 requests per minute). I'm using the API 2.0 to extract data using the python API. As far as I know my two threads are the only one that are working now. Is there any chance to check why this drop of performance is ocurring? 


What I've tried: generating other projects with my user to check if it was happening also with them but the problem occurs the same way with different credentials (project's client_id, tech_id...). Should I need to configure a different service in the adobe.io console in order to increase the performance?


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