AA passing Visitor ID (mid) from querystring parameter to an eVar




I have a single page application using react js. AA implementation is done using launch. The requirement is to track user behaviour on the site and combine it with offline data. Now i want to populate the Visitor ID into an eVar so that i can link it with the customer ID (hashed email value captured in a different eVar). Can some one please explain how we can pass the visitor ID(its available in querystring parameter as mid) into an evar.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




As you mentioned that mid is available in querystring parameter, you can fetch the mid from querystring using function s.Util.getQueryParam and assign to evar.


Other method as suggested by Andrey, you can use eVar1="D=mid"; to pull the mid and assign it directly from analytics server call mid parameter to evar.