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Year over Year alerts


Level 2


I would like the ability to set up simple year over year daily alerts. Our industry is very cyclical and/or seasonal on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Trying to set up day over day, week over week or month over month alerts is not feasible. I have done the analysis on basic metrics; visits, transactions, etc. and I see the variance for the highs and lows for those comparisons as follows;

Day over Day: -47% to +148%

Week over Week:  -51% to +150%

Month Over Month: -71% to +142%

When I do a Year over Year (i.e. -364 days, same day of week) I get the ranges -15% to +21%,

So for us having alerts for a Year over Year day are a much more accurate measure of change and allow for setting tighter thresholds