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jbrownFCM 03-05-2018

I have been a huge fan of the table builder feature in Ad-Hoc since its introduction in v3.  Since Adobe is obviously trying to push everyone to Workspace, I would like to see the table builder brought into Workspace.  Personally, I plan most of my reports out in my head before I begin making them and often times I need to break down past 1 level.  This can become overwhelmingly tedious in Workspace.  This would also allow modification of existing tables like swapping a dimension up and down the build hierarchy as well as allow you to have a predefined search value on all second, third, etc. level breakdowns. Lastly, this would TREMENDOUSLY speed up report creation without having to wait for every dimension, metric and segment to load after its added to the tables.

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frankd55973318 13-09-2018

100% agree with this. Building a report in workspace with multiple breakdowns is much more time consuming than it is in Ad-hoc.

Even simple things like deleting metrics if you have multiple brekadowns takes too long. For example, if I have a report with Day as the dimension and visits, cart additions, cart views and orders as the metrics and then break those down by desktop, phone and tablet, if i then want to delete the Tablet breakdown, I have to delete it 4 times. In ad-hoc i'd only need to delete it once from the table builder.

stefw94759030 15-04-2019

Could be easily solved with a "hold all computation of workspace" checkbox to be clicked when working on more detailed intensive tables.  Similar to in Excel with the "Calculation Options" 

rachelwrightNJ 17-04-2019

This would be a huge value-add to Workspace.

frankd55973318 04-07-2019

Another great part of the table builder in Ad-Hoc is the ability to, with one click, switch your metrics and dimensions, in case you want to change your report around. It would be great if this could be added to the Workspace table builder (if/when it happens).


This idea is duplicated by SiteCatalyst - Configure Report Before Loading It  which adds 20 more votes here.


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b_t_e_l 28-01-2020

The max breakdown is 5 items? This is basically useless.