Workspace resizing of columns to work around truncation



It is time that something happens with truncation, the number one readability issue with Analysis Workspace.

My colleagues keep complaining about unreadable Workspace exports. Whenever using more than just a couple of columns in a table, the truncation of text that Adobe designers seem to love (but I hate) becomes problematic. Especially when sending them via PDF when a recipient can't hover over a cell to see what he is been missing.

As an example, see the product report attached some people get daily. It is hardly possible to read the first column. Now I can go into the Workspace and move all the columns to the right a bit so it is less painful, but that takes forever because I have to resize every single column manually, it looks shabby because I am not good enough to get them all to the same size. And when I change something in the table, the columns get resized to the way the were before...

So there needs to be some way around this:

1. an Option to show the full text at least in the dimension column(s) and make it multi-line or smaller or whatever, everything is better than this brutal truncation at  8 (?!) characters (and I have a huge screen, it gets worse on smaller ones).

2. a functionality that allows me to resize the dimension column and then all other columns get auto-resized accordingly.

3. whatever a smart frontend designer can think of is fine for me.

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Thanks for submitting this, @luekl. It's a valid point and a good idea. 



 This is my biggest issue with the product right now. For a news report, I need to be able to show headlines and related metrics, but all of the columns get distributed evently and the headlines get truncated.