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Workspace: Option to breakdown dimensions dynamically / automatically when time moves


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I think I saw earlier this kind of request, but couldn’t find it anymore and that’s why decided to write this idea again.
This one is quite similar, but I believe not exactly the same as my idea:
http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-for-Adobe/Analysis-Workspace-Freeform-Table-dyn amic-column-dimensions/idi-p/14271

We breakdown dimensions on workspace and all good. However, when we schedule projects and new week is added

automatically to the project then that new week is not including the breakdowns and that’s make the analysis useless.

Could we get some kind of setting for this one, e.g. “breakdown dimensions automatically when dates move on” or something like that?
I’m sure you get the idea. I added stupid example about this, the new week (June 20) is not including breakdowns vs. previous weeks.

(I guess you could make this work with a little detour by adding week dimensions where I have the “visits” metric now, but if we are talking about “last 24 weeks” then it would go too small etc, so I would need this to work vertically… meaning weeks/dates are on the left).

Makes sense?



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Yes, please. Just discovered this myself after working out a farily large project.


The breakdowns should be positional, ie, if I breakdown the first 5 items X 3 each, no matter what those items are, I want to always see items 1-5 broken down 1-3.


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Hello, commenting here to raise this issue again as it seems it has not been implemented yet.

I also have various reports that include breakdown and we have to modify manually before each one is sent out, which is very time consuming. I agree there should be a box that includes the list of breakdown dimensions and items to display per each one (other feature I'd love to have, as now I have to go and modify the number of displayed items in the breakdown manually for each entry). I imagine it a bit like the advance filter option, in place of the filters is a dimension to use in the breakdown.

Thank you in advance for this!




Good news everyone - we implemented this last year.  It is called "Breakdown by Position".  You can enable it by clicking on the dimension settings cog and select "Breakdown by Position", and it will work exactly how you have outlined


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Hi Brandon, the breakdown by position does not seem to be the solution to the problem that I, and I believe other people in the thread, am observing. I do agree that this fixes the original problem of the thread, though.

In my case for example, I created a report by Tracking codes to analyze performance of some campaigns, with two breakdowns, two custom variables. New tracking codes are added each week, and I have to manually break the new ones down. Breakdown by position does not help because initially the additional "positions" do not exist at all.

That's why I was mentioning a filtering option that could force the breakdown by choosing a dimension for each level, similarly to what you can do in Report Builder. It is actually puzzling why this is set up this way and not as it is in the Report Builder.