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Workspace: Allow users to share items with their entire team (user groups)


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Current Issue:

Right now, users (non-Admins) are limited to being able to share items (projects, segments, calculated metrics) to individual users one at a time. This means that if a user wants to share out an item to their entire team, then have to manually "check the box" for each individual team member at a time. When accounts have 100's of users to select from, this is quite a laggy process and time consuming, and not the most efficient or streamlined method. Only Admins have the ability to share items to user groups, which is not efficient either.

Proposed Idea/Solution:

All users should the ability to share out items (projects, segments, calculated metrics) to their entire user group (team). Users will be empowered to share items to their teams, which will save them time, and enable team collaboration. This will de-centralize the functionality so that users don't have to ask Admins to share out components to their user group. Please note that users should only be able to share out items to user groups that they are member of, so that they don't spam other team's items.

This is somewhat similar to the request here: Allow Non-Admin Users to share Components with configured Groups  However I want to extend it beyond components to also encompass sharing workspace projects


This will greatly increase the team collaboration and help enable all users of the Adobe platform with more streamlined collaboration.