Workspace: Add support to change settings with one click to all columns and panels



Add support to change settings (in freeform tables) with one click to all columns or maybe even all panels. Now I have to e.g. disable backgrounds and percentages for every single column one by one and that takes so much time when using large tables with many columns. I'm sure there are many others battling with this clicking process. Smiley Happy

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Great idea! Even if I could set a default option in my user profile it would be better than the current UX.




Definitely considering this - thanks



Great to hear that you are considering something for this one.

This isn't super annoying, but very time-consuming and it kind of stops my mind for the analyzing process. I mean I can duplicate panels, which is awesome, but when I add new metrics to the table then it automatically add default settings (percentages, backgrounds etc) for that metric and every time I have to click these settings away... So would be super awesome if you could change default settings for tables or even whole panels would be better, or as jdebeer suggested, for user profiles.

Forget all the possible new visualizations and features, make these already offered features more adjustable/better. IMHO. Smiley Happy



At the moment only 4 promotions, really!? Smiley Wink I use Workspace a lot, and have to say this is getting more annoying, because it eventually takes so much to make different clicks all the time and the power of Workspace is the speed to do analysis. Ok, from analysis point of view this extra info isn't a real problem, but if I make scheduled reports then I want to exclude all the "noise" from the project.

Glad to hear Adobe is thinking about this one already, but would be great to hear more comments from other users, is this not a problem or how you deal with these settings?



And everytime you add new metric to table then it automatically changes the filtering, I mean if you use date (e.g. week as dimensions).


I have like this, because, I always want to see newest data:

Week 3
Week 2

Week 1


But after adding new metric it goes like this:

Week 1

Week 2
Week 3


And again I have to click to choose it differently.


So all these different settings would be great to have in the project settings and there I could choose all the possible default setting for panel/table level settings.







additional idea:

not all of the default settings match with the most common needs of all the recipients/users. for example if you add a line graph, it is by default with "anomaly detection" turn on and "do scale to zero" turned off. in a lot of cases i have to remember tochange the default setting.

it would be great if every user can define some default settings for the tables/graphs within the workspace.