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[WORKSPACE] - Add Images



Now we can add text with style. Can you please allow us adding images? It will be a great enhancement for our report. Usually we show data about content or page performance and business team need to have a visual link to that figures.

The same I can do here in this post:


Let's start with a simple inclusion of <img> tag where we point to an external source for image, then you can take your time to figure out how to manage image hosting...

Jarno Rossi




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On Jan 14, we released the ability to reference public image URLs in Workspace. Images can be added to any text box or panel/viz description: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/analyze/analysis-workspace/visualizations/text.htm...


The product team is also researching adding support for direct image uploads in a future release.


Status changed to: Delivered


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Hey all,

Now that the first iteration of this awesome feature has gone live, has anyone found a decent place to host their publicly-available images?  The following are NOT possible:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Flickr




Hey @jeff_bloomer , I find https://imgur.com/upload is a useful site for non-sensitive documents/images.

I usually add an image, copy the link and paste into AA with a '.jpg' at the end.

I love this feature btw, report branding is now on-point! So thanks all, M



Yes. This is needed in workspace. This, along with A4T allows for a pretty comprehensive A/B test historical repository that would enhance both products. 


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Hey, I know this is marked as delivered, but only as what I would consider a version 0.1.  Is there an expectation for a version 1 might be delivered?
This would be functionality similar to what we can do right here in Experience League (i.e., simply upload an image or copy/paste right into this interface.

Thanks in advance!