Word wrap column headers in trended reports

RobertBlakeley 21-02-2010

1. In a trended report, the column headers in v14 show the value that is being trended. However, these values are often truncated so you cannot see the full value or in some cases, differentiate it. Yes, you can mouse over and see the value, but that does not help much in scheduled dashboards, downloaded reports, screen captures, etc. Perhaps these values can be word wrapped.

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markc44481791 21-02-2010

Trying to build a dashboard right now with exactly this issue for umpteenth time - little stuff like this would help.

dylanlewis 07-03-2010

This is the reason that I still use version 13.5 - the trended elements are listed at the top of the page, and then there is a color key to indicate which element is which.  Not the best work around, but it allows the trended report to be understood by the audience.


Please fix this in version 14 - trended reports are useless if you want to export the data for reporting and analysis by others.


This is coming in Mar '18 release to Analysis Workspace.