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Visual controls for Workspace


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Previously I posed an idea regarding including HTML in Workspace. This request would be slightly different but in the same vein.

What we would like to see is some additional settings for the Workspace dashboards and the widgets included, nothing too complicated, but some additional customization:

  • The ability to change the background colour of widgets/workspace
    • As a simple enhancement, perhaps a Dark Mode setting with preset colours
  • More flexibility along the horizontal layout
  • The ability to place widgets with some vertical spacing (not defaulting to sticking to the top)
  • The ability to adjust padding at the widget level (maybe similar to the workspace settings)
  • The ability to turn borders on/off at the widget level
  • The ability to remove/hide the title of a widget or panel (especially on the text panel)

Let me know what you think.



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I'm honestly surprised no one else has posted anything like this already.  Anyway, I just voted you up, because the one frustration I have is when summary metrics bleed over descriptions.  Like this:


We should be able to control the padding and/or font sizes of elements within a particular component so we don't have bad looking metrics.  jen.lasser​ - This is something I would think would be a "slam dunk" for updates in features you could make for Workspace.  Although, it would be nice if we didn't have to wait for the next Summit to see something like this implemented.  What do you think?




I know this isn't exactly what you're asking for (I think the suggestions are great here), but one way to mitigate this in the meantime is to hide the legend in the summary/summary change visualizations (Visualization Settings cog > uncheck "Legend Visible"), and then just handle any description/details with your viz title/description.


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I appreciated the feedback.  That's something I looked at as well for now.  Unfortunately, it's also a lot more work to go through a large dashboard to manually insert additional description information when it's already available in a more dynamic fashion, particularly if a measure is updated or changed.  The ability to simply resize an element or even ensure there is padding to prevent the overlap of screen elements is the best approach.