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User Management, Admin Console, and Admin Mgmt


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With everything changing over to Admin Console for user management within Adobe Analytics, it would be extremely helpful for us to have the ability to include some additional information against our users:

  1. A notes section, which would provide a centralized location and an easy documentation process for recording any important notes about a user's role as well as the justification for the role any specific user is given.
  2. A way to designate 1 or more individuals as overall lead Administrators for any certain tool, especially Adobe Analytics, because we have a number of different groups who use the tool.  As a result, it make it a lot easier for us to identify a very small subset of individuals who can make decisions about the entire tool.

Last, if we could also have the ability to give a user the ability to Administrate a single report suite instead of gaining Admin access to the entire tool, that would be EXTREMELY helpful and provide for a better security model.

Thanks in advance!