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Use Calculated metrics inside segments


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!!NOT the same as being able to apply segment to calc. metrics!!


Segment Visitors based on calculated metrics (such as  AOV)


Calculated metrics is NOT available in Segmentation console.



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Hi Gigazelle​! Any updates on this please? This would be a very useful feature and can avoid all my analytical contortions/hacks/workarounds.


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Here is my use case: working on Persona Development, want to create segments of visitors who mainly come from a certain channel and then do or do not add to cart. The calculated metrics involve entries form this channel as % of all entries, and % of visits from this channel resulting in a cart addition. Clearly need either to be able to use the calculated metric in creating a segment, or ability to create Math expressions and use logic functions in Segments.

This is very unfortunate as in future targeting and personalization being able to use segments for different personas based on complex calculations would be a great function!


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This is something that we know is very important, and we often discuss how we can support this. Currently though, the way our reporting engine works prevents us from supporting calculated metrics in segmentation. A little more detail on why:

- Segmentation is done down at the visitor level - we look across all visitors and return the ones that match the segment criteria.

- Then, Calculated metrics are calculated across the returned visitors in aggregate.

- In order to support calculated metrics in segmentation, we would need to move calculations down to the visitor level (instead of doing them at the aggregate level).

Marking this one "For Future Consideration", but know that we are always discussing how to make this happen.


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Moved back to New status because this is something that is on the backlog for future consideration. Investigation was done but it is not yet prioritized on our reporting engine's backlog.

Status changed to: New