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When we manually delete user account under "User Management" in Adobe Analytics, we have a transfer option that helps to transfer all the user's reports, schedules, dashboards etc.. to a generic user account before deleting. It would be great if the "Delete" API also has that option, because today it only deletes the account.

Today I automated the process to identify the user accounts that needs to be deleted, the the actual deletion process is always manual due to this reason.

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Hi srinivasank,

Note that the version 1.3 and version 1.4 Analytics user management APIs are deprecated. They will cease functioning once your Analytics Login Company is enabled for migration to Experience Cloud sometime this year. I recommend you begin investigating the Adobe Cloud Platform User Management API:  User Management API .

That being said, the Adobe Cloud Platform User Management API does not currently support transfer of assets when deleting or removing a user from your Experience Cloud organization. This is something we can consider for a future release.

In the Analytics User Management interface, you are presented with a specific list of assets to transfer, which you can pick and choose from. In the API use case, would you envision simply bulk-transferring all of a user's assets to another user or do you think there is value in the ability to programmatically specify individual asset IDs as part of the transfer/delete request?



Hi Brian,

Thanks for the response. Sure I'll take a look at User Management API and yes we are in discussions with our Adobe account manager to migrate from analytics user management to Experience cloud.

You are correct, giving multi-selection in API is an overkill. Then again, we generally move over everything from soon-to-be deleted account to a generic account. So just an option to say yes or no to transfer and then the generic login where we want to move everything over.