Update totals update for filtered results

scotta1101892 17-10-2017

Couldn't find the older thread on this so recreating it. When a table in Workspace has its results filtered, the metric totals at the top do not update to reflect the totals of only the filtered results. This causes a ton of confusion among report recipients. Please fix!

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agree on this idea, would be very helpful!

there are two options for a work-around:

a) use filter, select desired row items and right click „display only selected rows“. this will change the col sums. but be careful: if you move the dimension, the filter on the rows keeps applied, might cause some trouble later in (if you don‘t remember that you made this manual filtering)

b) use segments and drop segments on items (dimension items) to break down

kelseyjoy 08-12-2017

Yes! This causes a lot of confusion is our organization! It would be ideal if both total options could be available, both the filtered results & the absolute total.

MeggieC 11-12-2017

Yes please! Would be really helpful to see the filtered metric totals.

Thanks for the workaround view to @urs.boller.

florianag 11-01-2018

I'd recommend the option with segment only.

The main issue with using "display only selected rows" (which is why for me it is always the last option), is that the total will reflect the sum of the rows, not the actual total after deduplication. This can cause issues when the metrics included are particularly sensible to deduplication, for example unique visitors.

pradeep_jaiswal 20-05-2018

plz provide this feature as to business folks its confusing

russmartin16 15-06-2018

Agreed. Not the default/intuitive result I would expect.

melissaa3700183 29-07-2019

The problem I find with option a) on top of what has been said is that the table doesn't update as new items appear. this means that analysts need to go back to the workspace and manually update the tables; in a large organization this is not a sustainable workflow.


We are currently working on making totals update when filters are applied (so users don't need to apply segments to get the desired total).

b_e_l 29-07-2019

Yay!! Do you have an estimated ETA?