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Update Alert Recipients to use standard users / user group auto-suggest functionality


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Description -

Inspired by this question: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-questions/how-do-i-add-a-group-as-a...

Unlike a lot of Adobe Interfaces since the Admin Console was created, to allow us to type in users or user groups, alerts doesn't appear to have this functionality...


Well it partially does... when I create a new alert, my own name is added a "standard" object.... but the user auto-suggest doesn't trigger. Since I don't see any errors in the console, or any network calls that would suggest any sort of "user lookup" is trying to occur.


The Alerts feature should allow us to choose users within our system, or groups of users (based on permission groups) to send alerts to... rather than having to look up emails individually and manage large lists of users within the Alerts area separate from our Admin Console Groups.


This would create a more cohesive, and easier to maintain infrastucture.



Why is this feature important to you -

Being able to leverage users and user groups that are configured in Admin Console would save us a lot of management time... lets say today we have 20 users getting alerts, and we have 100 alerts.... if we need to add a single user to all those alerts, and remove 3 users as they have left the company (or just changed positions making the alerts no longer relevant to them)... We still have to manage the user groups in Admin Console.. then we have to update 100 alerts, one at a time to remove the three users, and add the 1.... 

If the alert was tried to the user groups... making the one change there would automatically update all 100 alerts through virtue of the User Group configuration 



How would you like the feature to work -

Similar to how workspaces allows you to share reports based on individual users, or to select a User Group through an auto-suggest interface (using the users and groups from the Admin Console configurations to be selected), so too should alerts.


When a user group is selected, the Alerts should send to all users in that group. Since the group is considered one entity, this may require that the "Opt out of this schedule" may need to be suppressed, with a message that your should contact your admin to change the group settings.


Current Behaviour -

While your own user looks like a standard option from Admin Console when creating a new alert, no other users seem to be able to be added this way... Only emails seem to be accepted... as there is no user auto-suggest, and even if you match the exact spelling of specific user names / groups, they aren't accepted here.

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