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Trended reportlets need to retain "Top 5" across suites


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Build a dashboard and include any trended reportlet. When you push/publish/share it across suites you would think it retains either the default "Top 5" or keeps the "User selected" entries depending on what you built.

It doesn't. If you used the default top 5, it will convert the reportlet to "User selected" and carry those specific values to any new report suite.


Why does it matter?


Say you have 30+ suites and you want to trend the top 5 channels in a reportlet for several markets. In Miami the top channels are A, B, C, D, E. In Fresno they happen to be L,M,N,O,P. Your reportlet will happily show Fresno the trend of A-E and completely ignore the top 5 channels in the market.


In some cases, I would like to select static values and have them persist, but the "top 5" setting needs to be set to the top 5 in each given report suite.


This is related to Search-in-Trended-Reportlets-for-Dashboards but is further reaching.


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If you add a trended campaign report to a weekly DB, showing the top 5 campaigns, it will only work for the week you added it. The next week it will continue to show the same 5 campaigns, even if those campaigns do not have any data.


It should always be showing a "rolling top 5". 


Has anyone found a workaround for this?