Traffic threshold filters within SiteCatalyst report



Say you are looking at a pages report (could be a prop or eVar report as well) with multiple metrics (bounce rate and visits for example).You then might want to only look at pages that got at least 5k visits to filter out any anomalies or low traffic pages. The only way to do this currently is to export to Excel and then filter. Would be much easier to do this within SiteCatalyst.

Other examples:

- Looking at a search term conversion report but I only want to see search terms that got >1% of search volume.

This would allow us to focus on the pages/elements that can yield the largest positive results.

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This is a great idea!  Often times, if you look at a Comparison report (between dates or report suites), and sort by the Change %, the ones at the top have all of 1 or 2 instances.  It would be awesome if you could filter on a metric (i.e. Form Completes > 50) and then sort. Love it!



Another cool enhancement would be the ability to only show rows where metric A is greater than "0" but for those rows, you could see metrics B, C, D...



Great Suggestion.  This is what we do (in Excel) with a number of our reports to squelch out the noise produced by low trafficked pages or terms.  This functionality would allow us to use omniture dashboards for reports on searches or pages with the highest and lowest bounce rates, conversion rates, etc...  rather than having to import into excel, distribute and house the reports.




Calculated metrics allow this capability now.