Tracking 'Unique User Actions' vs. 'Total User Actions'








Currently the Event Serialization solution uses an identifier to uniquely flag the first time hits with the specific ID.  Meaning if two visits have the same serialized id, Adobe will only retain the data for the first hit record that has that id.

This capability is extremely helpful with eCommerce sites and with serializing for purchases, in cases when the same transaction id may be transmitted twice because users reload pages (as an example)

I propose we expand the use cases for this solution to include a solution that would serialize based on

a user/device

visit number or date

a specific user action

The most immediate benefit of such a expansion would enable Adobe to differentiate 'user actions' from 'unique user actions'

For example, say you have the following hit records

Device 1, visit 20, sees the home page - serialized ID = 1

Device 1, visit 20, sees a product details page - serialized ID = 2

Device 1, visit 20, sees the home page again - serialized ID = 1

Today if you look at Occurrences, the above will show 3 hits or 3 total user actions

but if you filter the Occurrences with a segment of serialized hits only then Occurrences would report 2 or a total of 2 unique user actions (as the 3rd user action is a repeat of the 1st)

Having a way to compare total user actions vs. total unique user actions would be extremely valuable when analyzing why visitors didn't convert or why or where users are getting 'lost' in the user experience.  Being able to report on user specific actions (props/evars) and a ratio between actions vs. unique actions would immediately call out where users are getting stuck on loops.

To achieve this for all clients and to ensure flexibility to create their own client specific serialization ID, I propose we increase the Serialization ID Character Limitation.  Currently set to 20 characters, which simply isn't enough character to identify the device, visit and user action.

I propose we increase the Serialization ID Character Limitation to 100 characters