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Total of Calculated Metric


Level 2


I know there is an article on how and why total (sum) of calcualted metric makes no sense.

However, there are cases, where total of calcualted metrics makes sense.


There should be an option in the calculated metric creation dialog to have an option to enable totaling of calculated metric.

This avoids offline report preparation using Excel!



Level 2


I agree that this would be quite helpful.  I think there are some obvious logical reasons why Adobe decided not to include this feature but I think its more about priority of features than anything else.  I think programmatically its not impossible but likely it wasn't a high priority for them to include the logic to filter through what calculated metrics can or cannot be totaled.


Level 1


This feature would be very helpful in allowing my team to rely more fully on scheduled reports and dashboards. Implementation changes or offline workarounds (i.e. Excel) are not an ideal solution.




With the latest release of Adobe Analytics we added totals to Calculated metrics where it makes sense. You should see them a lot more often now.