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Time frame granularity for Alert rules


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Existing Functionality: Currently, users are able to select when to check values (month, week, day, hour) to determine if the alerts rule is met.  There is no existing functionality to be able to set alerts for a specific granularity or time frame.

Idea: Provide users the ability to define a granularity for the alert rule. For example, Check daily values at the end of each Week. If the rule is met on any given day, send the alert. In other words, the rule should match against the daily value and not the weekly total. This is extremely beneficial for configuring alerts around data loads.  For example, set an alert to determine if a custom event is greater than zero to validate whether a data load occurred and the data is available in the reports.

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To expand further on this "time frame granularity" idea, it would be extremely useful to set alerts to ignore certain hours when setting hourly alerts.  Use Case: If I'm trying to monitor site traffic and orders by hour to make sure the site doesn't go down, I don't need alerts sent from 1AM - 5AM when I already know traffic will be minimal.