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The option to include a link to specific workspace in alert emails when an alert is triggered


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Currently, if an alert is triggered, the receipient gets a link to a automated dashboard with some details of the trigger.


I think it would be better if we had the option to instead include a link to a workspace that we'd built.


We can then include specific visualisations and breakdowns which we suspect may be the cause of anomalies in the data (e.g. if the alert is triggered due to a drop in orders, can we first see if there was a drop in checkouts)


This could allow the recipient to investigate the issue with more business context.


The feature would work in that the alert creator would include a tickbox for "include link to specific workspace". If ticked, this would prompt a searchable dropdown of all workspaces which the alert owner has access to. They could then select one, and a link to this workspace would be included in the alert email.


When saving the alert, users would also be prompted to share the linked workspace with any recipients who did not already have access to.


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