The iPad is not a mobile device - Tablet-Report?



It's very strange to found the iPad under the mobile devices. iPad and other tablet are not mobile device. We cannot phone with them, unlike a smartphone, we can’t take an iPad with you wherever you go. With the big display customers can navigate perfectly on your homepage and don't need specific webpages. Not like the small display of smartphones.


80% of the Traffic for mobile came from the iPad and it falsified my reports.


I would prefer that we have a specific report for "Tablet", so that we don't mix to different product type.

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I disagree. Mobile simply implies movement. An Ipad is just a big itouch and is carried around by people as such. Today If you were to ride a NYC train during rush hour you would find a handful of people using ipads. Also, using skype and a wifi connection, it is possible to make calls.


You can just use segments and filters to "correct" your Site Catalyst reports.



The post and comment above exemplify the problem here: There is a fairly even split among analysts/marketers as to whether the iPad and other tablets are "mobile" or something different. People feel strongly on both sides. It will be interesting to see how Adobe and other analytics vendors address this problem.



Agreed! Tablets need to be separated out from Mobile. Revenue is very different from mobile and desktop. We have segments to separate out ipad but with the latest surge in Kindle and other tablet players, Omniture needs to create a "Tablet" section in the report menu!



+1.  Tablets are absolutely not the same in terms of user behaviour as small-screen mobile devices.  I have plenty of data that shows an increase in interaction and likelihood of purchase as screen size gets larger, assuming the same experience as the user would get on a traditional computer.


In SiteCatalyst v15, the new "Mobile -> Device Type" report covers this nicely.  Discover has something similar as I recall.  I'd like really like to see similar targeting criteria available in Test&Target next.