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Temporary Passwords for Users


Level 4


When creating a new user, i'd like to see a check box to auto-generate a temporary password and include it in the intro email.


There should also be an option, one click, to reset someones password and have an email sent with a temporary password.


Admin's don't need a users password and shouldn't have anything to do with the process imo.



Level 1


I couldn't agree more, passwords should be completely transparent to admins. A clickable link with a token instead would be both more secure and convenient as the plaintext password wouldn't need to be relayed to the individual.


Level 10


This is good to have. Dealing with users and their password isssues has been a hassle.


The workaround I've used is to always use the same generic password when setting up the user account, always use the same Welcome Email message that includes that generic password, and force all new accounts to change password on next login. But you're right, that should automatically be handled without me having to do that.