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Sunburst - Idea for new visualization for Pathing


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Based on the datafeed export and using Python language (so outside Adobe) a colleague was able to create a nice visualization of the visit journey/path.

Here below you see the paths on Pagetype level.

Advantages compared to (Next Page) Path reports in Adobe Analytics or Adhoc Analysis:

- The sunburst tarts from the first pagevisit: the inner circle is the first page <--> In Adobe you start from a given page unregardless from the visit depth

- The sunburst gives you a complete overview of all paths from all startpoints <--> In Adobe you need to select your startpoint eg Home

- The sunburst is interactive & very intuitively: selecting a color in the 3rd inner circle will show you on the top an overview of the selected path and the occurence

Disadvantage: we don't have it real time since it is based on the datafeed

Question/proposal to Adobe: incorporate this kind (and other fancy types) of visualization(s) within Adobe


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Nice visualisation feature to have, if we want to track user behaviour. This visualisation could be done in R, but it has limitation in pathing( only 4 possible ways).