SQL like queries on DataWarehouse



On several occassions, you want Data Warehouse report which have particular value(s) of certain variable(s) only. But the interface allows only to select all values of the variable or none at all. If the query could have been created more like SQL queries where you could, for eg.


Select Gender, Age

Where Campaign variable = "Valentines email blast" AND Product = "Roses"


While in SiteCatalyst we have the ability  to do simple stuff like this through Segment but it is an overkill since I just want only 'Gender' and 'Age' values and not all other reports. And Discover is costly Smiley Indifferent !!


Ofcourse Group by etc. would be great as well if you have not used SAINT.


I suppose the resulting reports would be created much faster as well?

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Unica's NetInsight includes this feature.