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Sort Ascending or Descending in Report Builder


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This is what is says in Adobe Help:

Sort Ascending or Descending

You can sort the requests listed in the Request Manager in ascending or descending order.

Click on the columns names in the table header. The column shows the sort order by displaying a triangle icon in the table header. If the triangle is pointing down, sort order is descending (for alphanumeric data, 9-1 and Z-A), while if pointing up, the sort order is ascending (for alphanumeric data, 1-9 and A-Z). The default sort order is ascending.


This feature does not work. It is essential to have.



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I am not able to reproduce this issue using the latest Production version.

Could you download the latest version from Report Builder download page on Adobe Analytics?


If the issue persists, could you follow up with your account manager so the issue can be qualified further by the Client Care organization?


Thank you.


Guillaume Escarguel.


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This is not already offered, when you generate a report you can select which metric to rank by but you can't set that to ascending or descending. I've checked and I have the latest version, I'm happy to record or do a screenshare and demonstrate, it's very, very annoying! It's a pretty obvious function.




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It's 2016, 9 months after the last update on this issue, and Adobe still doesn't fixed that. Ascending sorting doesn't work at all and it's a pretty basic function. You can only sort by Descending.


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I think they are investing in developing new tools but not actually ensuring their existing product base is developed in parallel which is just bad business but oh well :-)


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It looks like as of 10/17/17 this feature is STILL not implemented.  How is this possible?  Please tell me how we are supposed to build any type of request that requires this... like bounce rate perhaps?