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SiteCatalyst Segments Events Logic


Level 2


I would like to have the option to change the logic for Events in segment creation for SiteCatalyst.


Currently when you create a segment in SiteCatalyst you are unable to include AND/OR logic to Custom Events.Custom Events are not available when you define a rule for your container, so you are only able to pull the events into the container, however there is no logic when pulling in multiple events. This means that AND is assumed and you are not able to switch it to OR.



Level 2


To build OR logic, wouldn't you add another visit container and add the 2nd event?


Per Adam:

"How­ever, if you want to the seg­ment to look for one con­di­tion or the other (OR), you would want to make sure that the items are out­side of the con­tainer line like this:"