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Show Custom Variables in Discover Virtual Focus Group


Level 10


The Discover Virtual Focus Group is a cool idea, but I don't use it very often since I cannot see or segment on custom variables at the bottom of the screen (see below).  This addition woudl be great so I coudl see when Success Event, eVar and sProp values were being passed.




Level 3


I have an immediate need where 35% of our online revenue is not being trackied in SC. I thought this virtual focus group feature would be the answer. The custom variables would allow me to include an order number to match up what orders are not being tracked. It would also help to see the specific time (not just date) to also help with this matching up since I am guessing you don't want to give us the ability to search or filter to see a specific visit.


Level 1


I really like the idea of adding custom variables and events into Virtual Focus Group. I need a tool to validate my custom segment is well defined. The only way to make sure is to pull some sample data. In Insight, I use Detail Table. In SC/DW, I extract data for a short period of time. (even though it takes time, it is still useful when I build a complex segment). Since there are some limitation of using Discover Segment in DW, there is no way to see sample data for a certain segments that I created in Discover. If we have custom variables and events in Vitual Focus Group, it could be as good as Detail Table in Insight.