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Setting "rolling date" relative to "Report/Panel" selected date range


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As per the current design of Date range, the rolling date can only be set relative to "current" options like current day/week.

We are looking for a feature where user should be able to compare Last Year data relative to the report/panel selected date.

For example, if we create a date range LY to represent Last Year. We expect these to work as below.

Use case: Suppose today's date is Nov 30th, 2019. And we select Nov-19-2019 as the date in Panel/report, then we expect:


LY to show Nov-19-2018 data

Currently, it shows Nov 30, 2018 data

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Archiving as a duplicate of https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-ideas/dynamic-date-comparison/idi-p.... Please keep up with progress on that thread!


Additionally, we added a prototype to Labs today called "Panel Anchor Dates" that we hope addresses this idea and others like it. Please test it out and provide feedback through the Labs portal. Thanks!

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