Dynamic date comparison

marianeg7719207 17-08-2018


We used to use another analytical solution to do our analyses. Adobe Analytics allows a much finer analysis than your main competitor. And that's bravo.

On the other hand, you lack a major functionality compared to your competitors: it is impossible today to compare dates in a dynamic way.

Example :

I want to compare a period



versus last year

I can use your "compare date period" feature and I will then have the same date versus year-1 namely 01/01/2017 to 18/01/2017

but if I change the date in the main panel to put



My comparison column will then remain on 01/01/2017 to 18/01/2017

So it's a disaster for the analyses and I don't see myself updating my tables every time I want to do an analysis.

Can you therefore propose a functionality allowing to have a checkbox in the main calendar with the mention :

- comparison versus last year

- comparison versus last month

And this in a dynamic way


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marianeg7719207 20-08-2018

Easiest way perhaps should be to have the opportunity to create a new date range with :

Start of panel calendar day minus 365 days

End of panel calendar day minus 365 days

with this function we should be able to compare datas in a dynamic way.



Great feedback. This is something we have on our backlog for consideration.

Currently, the time comparisons are based on today's date only. They are independent of the panel date range. In order to make time comparisons more flexible, we would need to allow Workspace to be based on a date of your choosing, e.g. panel date range selection.

ron_ray 18-12-2018

Yes! The lack of this feature has caused me a lot of extra work. I would really appreciate this fix.

marianeg7719207 17-07-2019

Exactly, so you have that on your backlog on september 2018, do you have any info on this ?

I have spoke to a lot of people using Adobe Analytics and it's a real problem for every body.



This idea remains on our backlog for future consideration. We will update this thread as it increases in priority.

kumararajak 07-10-2019

Good idea

nickh86417692 06-12-2019

One more vote to get this dynamic report date off the backlog list and into reality. Would save us SO MUCH TIME in building custom timeframes. This is preventing us from being able to turn a lot of dashboards over to our project managers.

sharans10506705 04-03-2020

Please add my vote as well for this.