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Set Output file name in publishing lists.


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It would be nice if there was an option to set the output filename when using publishing lists in report builder.  The example I have come across is I have 90 versions of the same shelled report (The RSID is variable and is overridden in report builder), though publishing lists allow me to distribute specific RSIDs to specific users I still need the ability to post these in central repository and archive them in a network drive.  I can add myself onto the distribution of each version of the report, however this leaves me receiving 90 files with the same name and a lot of manual work to identify which report belongs to which user.  I side note, each report is specific to that user and cannot and the information is private to that user.




RSID                         Recipient                                                     Filename

John                           john.smith@gmail.com                           John.xlsx

Tom                            tom.smith@gmail.com                             Tom.xlsx


That or Adobe could increase the number of scheduled reports allowed per login Smiley Happy