Server Call Usage Improvements

David-123 03-04-2019

Hi There,

Two that I would to have in the server call usage report:

1)Quicker processing - Adobe Analytics is (on the whole) very quick. Why does it take 7 days for the server calls to process? Coremetrics used to offer daily server call usage 11 years ago.

2)When I download a usage report it would be great if I had the option of "Daily" / "Weekly" / "Monthly".


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trucallinglife 04-04-2019

It's not a perfect solution but I've found that the "Occurances" metric (which is the sum of page views / hits AND page events / custom links / secondary server calls) is very close to the server call volume. We have an Excel / Report Builder dashboard that just summs the "Occurances" for every report suite scheduled.

David-123 04-04-2019

Good idea. I just checked it now for 2018 by month and there was around 3% - 20% difference depending on the month. I guess it all depends on your implementation.