Send Scheduled Reports as HTML



Workspace allows reports only to be sent das PDF or CSV but not as HTML, which is possible under Reports.

Please add this feature.

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Hi Christian,

Could you share why you need such a feature, what is the use case for HTML based reports?



Hi Andrey,


Workspaces gives me much more flexibility in creating recurring reports, much more so than everything I can create in the reports section. As I would like to use this feature to send reports to colleagues I would like to present the information as HTML because looking at PDFs on mobile phones is cumbersome.



Hi @Andrey_Osadchuk!  I also really miss the 'Send as HTML' option. I receive up to ten reports in one morning and often need to view on my mobile or iPad on the go. Apart from being difficult to navigate PDFs on my mobile, it's a lot of effort to get to the information I'm seeking out of individual reports and then switching between reports to compare data. As the reports have different audiences, it's hard to consolidate without duplication.


Even on desktop - with so many emails, it's easier if the report loaded within the email body.


In our organisation, if we sent reports as html, we would definitely get more engagement.