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Selected Virtual Report Suite in Data Warehouse




Description -

I would like to use Selected Virtual report suite in Data Warehouse.
We can use normal VRS in DWH.
However Selected VRS, we can’t use.

Why is this feature important to you -

We would like to control accessing for data , dimensions and metrics same as Workspace.

Currently, we control the access data with segmented VRS.
And we set up selected dimension and metrics in VRS.
Because of data security policies.

We also would like to control to using DWH with the same policies.

How would you like the feature to work -
I would like to use Selected Virtual report suite in Data Warehouse.

Current Behavior -

We can't use Selected Virtual report suite in Data Warehouse.



Level 7


Hello @yokok9528851 

The reason you are not able to use VRS in the Datawarehouse is because the segments used in the VRS might not be Datawarehouse compatible due to which the VRS is not usable in the DataWarehouse. Can you please check that the segments used in the VRS are DataWarehouse compatible ? You will find DataWarehouse written under Product Compatibility in the segment definition. If it is not present this means that the segment is not DataWarehouse compatible and needs to be modified so that it is DataWarehouse compatible.


Level 1


Hi @yokok9528851


If the segment you use in the VRS is DW-compatible, you can simply select it from the "Available Segments" list that exists within the "Build Report" section of the 'Data Warehouse Request'.




Hi @amgup  and @christou_c 


Thank you very much for your reply.
Yes, I can select the "Segment".
I would like to control accessible component (dimensions and metrics) like VRS.
"Selected VRS" can control the accessible component.
Should I need to use admin control to control the accessible in DWH?
If we can use "Selected VRS", it is really easy to control...