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Segmentation using Time


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Love to see Omniture build time dimensions into segmentation capabilities. Example, say I want to create a segment of visitors in Discover (or Sitecatalyst I guess) that came from this particular campaign on this date (or date range) and then observe their behaviors over time. This becomes valuable in looking at upper-funnel marketing campaigns and branding campaigns where you are looking at gaining awareness. By creating the segment you can see if those visitors ever end up doing something you want later in time (such as a purchase or lead). 

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Discover 2.9 - Just released today - includes the ability to apply explicit dates & date ranges to segments. For example, you could build a Visitor-container segment where Date:Month = January 2010 and where Visit Number = 1. This segment could then be applied to January - April 2010 (or longer) to see visitor behavior for first-time visitors during the month of January. We are also considering additional functionality in this area by introducing day-part & time-part segmentation with the ability to apply time-based segments that contain different timeframes than the the timeframe for the reports to which those segments are applied.