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Segment "save as" locally, not public


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After the question Workspace: How to compare two segments and only adjust one? from frankd55973318​ and an input from jen.lasser​ I really like to have the following option:

Segment "save as" but locally (not public)

today, if I have a segment (either locally or public) and I want to do some minir changes without affecting the orignal one, the only option is to "save as" and create a new public segment. Or I start all over and create a new one to have it locally - just for testing. I want to decide later on if I will need it in the future or not.

Therefore, I'd like to see a way to copy an existing (local or public) segment and the new one is just locally. This can be achieved by some smart "drag and drop" (by pressing "L" while drag and drop - or whatever is best).




Hi @Ursboller,  

Can you clarify by what you mean by "local" and "public"? I may be misunderstanding something in your idea.

Currently, any segment you create is owned by you and is only visible to you (well, it's also visible to and admins because admins can see everything) unless you explicitly share that segment with other users. So any time you do a "save as" you are creating a non-public segment by default.




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Let me clarify the terms:

"local segment" only exists within project

"public segment" is saved in segment manager

If I create a segment in a project just by dropping a dimension to the drop zone at the top of the table, it creats a "local segment". that means, the segment exists as long as I don't delete it or make it public. this can be done either with the small info-popup (link "make segment public") or by editing the segment (check the box "make public")

"Local segments" are very useful for testing new ideas. just assume I have an idea about a customer journey and I am not sure what the segment should look like. I start creating the segment within the project and do some testing. What I love is that this segment only exists within this project until I decide to "approve it for myself" and make it public, after this I can use it in other projects, start sharing or use the official "approve" button.

But very often, I want to compare two ore more ways of creating a segment. the only way to do this is edit the desired "local segment" and "save as". But I must check the checkbox "make public" otherwise the segment is not available (because it would create a "local segment" which is not used in the project and therefore deleted, not available in the items!).

But "save as" a "public" segment will add the segment to my segments list. It is not created just locally for the testing purpose.

Example: I test 5 different ways of creating the segments. If I have only "local" segments I can decide which one is my favorite, make it "public", delte project and all other versions are deleted.

but in the current setup I need to go to segment manager and manually delete the newly added segments (because they are public). and I can not delete them directly within the project.

So far, I heavely used the tag "Test" to make it clear that a segment is intended for testing and might not work. but since all those segments are "public", they appear as option in any other project.

I know that I can filter by tag, but not use an "exclude tag" option, at least I have not found it.

Therefore, having a bunch of "local segments" is a great way for testing new ideas before making it "public" to myself.