Segment Manager: Segment Utilization Data



As a company with a large number of users and thousands of custom segments; we are experiencing performance issues Segment Manager and connecting to Report Builder due to the large volume of segments that have to load for these applications to initiate. 


Provide a column in the Segment Manager allowing us to sort our segments by date of last use.  Last use would provide the date that this segment was last utilized in the Reporting API by all analytics products (Reports & Analysis UI, Report Builder, Data Warehouse, AdHoc or the API).  With this feature, we could safely delete segments that are not actively in use regardless of when the segment was created or edited. 

I have for example a segment that was in a report that was delivered via Report Builder to my inbox this morning shows a “Date Modified” in the Segment Manager of “Aug, 18 2015”. That date is accurate as in that was the last time I created or saved the segment; but in this case I would like to see "Last Use Date" as "Aug, 17 2017"

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nice idea, but might be difficult to realize. what do you count as use? is it "used" when i export the segment definition over API? or only if it is really used as a slice&dice option?

however, i give you a +1 cause inlike the idea!



Thanks for the vote!  The idea which I have discussed with Adobe is that the App Manager would contain the data of last usage of a segment through the Reporting API which would have to include all Adobe reporting and analysis tools.