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Segment & Calculated Metrics


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Glad to see the new enhanced options for workspace.

It would be great if below are fixed in next release.

1) When new segment is created it is not retroactively available on other opened work space tabs to use (it requires refresh-not a good option when you are in midst of deep diving). It will be great time saver as it will enable users to use the segment without disturbing the current thought flow in data analysis.

2) Enable count of months/days/weeks/quarter to create/use in advanced calculated metrics based on report date range.

For ex: visit/day should automatically be adjusted to set date range.




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I can give you some tips which might help:

1) Only "public" segments will appear in the panel list (if it is created by you or shared with you). if you create "local segments" (by dropping a dimension in the top panel head) the segment will never appear in the segment list on the left side. You can easely go the info popup of a local segment and hit "make public" and it will appear in the segment list.

If a public segment is created outside your current project and you need access to, just hit "refresh compnents" and the new segment will appear.

2) to get a calculation based on project date range you can use the function "approximate count distinct" together with the desired date dimension. that means if you want a metric "visits per day" just create a new calc. metric with the formula "visits / approx count distinc (days)". Using this metric will respect the number of days you have in your project.

hope that helps...