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Segment Builder: Text of value cut off. Need hover over full value or something similar.


Level 4


I know we should keep the pagenames short. I am working with a 3rd party integration though, so roll with me for a minute.


When the screen resolution is small (like when you are not hooked up to a monitor. It's not possible to see the full value of a dimension in a segment. If I need the characters at the end to know if I have the right value, I am a bit stuck at the moment. I have to guess, then pull the report to see if was right. 

segment needs text wrap or hover over of full value.PNG


I'd like either a hover state over the top where I can see the entire thing or the ability to put my cursor in the field and scroll to the end.



Level 4


I guess I could go find it in the report, copy it, then paste it into the segment which would work for "contais" or "equals." It's one of those things where I can recognize the value I need but could not actually type it off the top of my head.