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See Mobile Page Views / Visits as Percentage of All Page Views / Visits


Level 3


There currently isn't a way to see in some fashion what percentage of your total page views, visits, etc are from mobile. You can see mobile trending against itself but not against the whole.



Level 2


Mobile-->Device report


Once in this report, I click "Showing" and change the metrics it
provides from Mobile Views to Revenue, Orders, and Mobile Visits.

Currently, I can pull Revenue and Orders as Mobile Revenue and Mobile
Orders compared to Total Site Revenue and Total Site Orders over
specified time periods. Yet the Mobile Visits Metric shows the
accompanying penetration percentages as a percent share of the total
Mobile Visits. I would really like to be able to compare Mobile Visits
to Total Site Visits in one report (without having to manually pull the
data from the Visits report and manually calculating the Mobile Visits
Penetration = Mobile Visits / Site Wide Visits). 


Level 1


This is definitely something I am looking for...on sites that aren't running a mobile version of a website, it'd be great to instantly determine if the percentage of mobile views is changing (not just growing/shrinking relative to itself)