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Search Engines missing as not in the list of recognised search engines


Level 3


There are a number of search engines which do not appear to be in the SiteCatalyst list of recognised search engines and therefore any organic clicks through from these search engines are appearing in Referring Domains.  Could this list please be updated.  Key search engines to include with their domains are:

  • Virgin Media - search.virginmedia.com
  • Conduit - search.conduit.com
  • Sky - search.sky.com
  • BT - search.bt.com
  • Search Results - uk.search-results.com
  • My Web Search - search.mywebsearch.com
  • Orange - search.orange.co.uk
  • AVG - search.avg.com
  • alot - search.alot.com

In additional, AOL does not appear to be tracked correctly.  Domains that I am seeing include aolsearch.aol.co.uk and search.aol.co.uk.

A more complete list of search engines can be found bycreating a Marketing Channels Detail report for Referring Domains for a sizable client and filtering on "search".



Level 1


Also 'hijacker' search engines should be included in the list of search engines.  These are frequently packaged with free software downloads, and they are installed by default and 'hijack' your browser, becoming the landing page and default search engine.  




This one somehow fell through the cracks. Thanks @aliskinkdp for commenting and bringing it up. I have filed a request to have these search engines added; hopefully you will see it in our release notes soon!