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Today I wanted to renew some schedulings for workspace projects in the Adobe Analytic UI. Since the "renewal links" still do not work, I need the UI to manage the schedules. There are two filter options to filter the schedules:


The result lists are not really what I expect. It is not a "filter" as I would expect, its a "OR option". the current results when applying the filters are as follow

  • "Show All" gives you a list of "all active schedules"
  • "Expired" gives you a list where expiration date is in the past (as I would expect)

Idea. "Show All" should be changed either in wording or in the results

Solutions (maybe there are more, but it is a start

  1. Rename to "show all active" since the results are only the active schedules
  2. My favorite: Leave name of filter but really show all schedules including the expired. And I could apply the second filter "Expired" if I want...

I would prefer #2 since I want a view of all schedules which are either expired or will expire in the next days. having all schedules in one list I could sort by expiration date and have what I want

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Great callout - I think you are right, and those are great suggestions (I believe #2 does seem like the more correct option).  We will consider for a future release - thanks!