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SC15 Admin Console: Speed up User Management Tasks


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After a lengthy discussion with Client Care about it taking 30+ seconds to even access the user management interface, they confirmed that such a load time is expected, and if I wanted it to improve, to add this as a feature request on the Idea Exchange...

So here I am. See details from CC chat transcript:

Me (Client): it took 30 seconds from clicking the "users" button within the admin console
Me (Client): no timeout but still unacceptable
Adobe CC: Matt, this is expected, if you want to see better performance on this I would suggest a feature request through the ideas exchange.
Adobe CC: this is not more than the normal
Adobe CC: I have tested this with 2 additional companies while we have been on the chat and the load times are around the same, between 20-30 seconds

Simple user management tasks should not take several minutes (string together waiting 30 seconds on each step) on an expensive, mature, enterprise analytics tool like SiteCatalyst.

Please promote if you've had the same issue and want some change!


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This is, depressingly, true for almost all admin tasks I need to do. It would probably reduce user error if we could keep admins focused and on-task instea of needing to plan other work around waiting for admin pages.