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Saint Classifications


Level 2


In insight there is a transformation called "copy" where you can classify multiply items into one group.

This is great but for sitecatalyst i use saint to classify multiply items the only problem is that I have to classify every row in the saint file where as with insight you can set-up a clause that classifies multiply items all at  once.


I would like the idea of adding a function to saint where you can classify multiply items by some sort of syntax clause instead of classify row by row in excel.




Multiply banner campaign tags classified by a clause of .*Banner_.* as Banner Campaign. So this would classify any camping tag with banner_ as Banner Camapign.



Level 9


The abiliity to use regular expressions in particular would be useful. I'd think ths could be done through the Classification interface.


Level 1


Having a wildcard option would be exceptionally useful. We track e-newsletter campaigns both for the edition of the e-newsletter and the UserID. Uploading 34,000 lines of SAINT per e-newsletter edition in order to pre-classify data is a huge pain and isn't practical, especially considering the number of editions AND the number of different e-newsletters that we run.