s.pagetype report for 404 errors and allow passing of other variables



I have a site that is based on a single url structure.  Technically, there are no 404 error pages.  But sometimes content cannot be delivered.  When the user sees that big empty "cannot find your content" message, I really wanted results stripped out of our official reporting numbers, just like the s.pagetype variable when coded correctly will do.


My issue is the canned report you have will ONLY allow you to pass the url.  With my single URL site that does not help me whatsoever.  I cannot have our development team make major changes to the site's url structure.  My interim solution is to just change the pagename or another variable when this happens, but naturally it will still be included in my results. I'd love to be able to exclude it automatically in my results and then have some other tracking features available other than "what url" produced the error.