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Rules for metric in report (show only line-items with a number higher than x for a specific metric)


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When working with large data sets, I often miss a function in Discover (mainly, but also SC and RB) where I can choose to see line items (pages for example) where visits (or any other metric!) is above 499 or 4999 etc…

It would be very helpful when working with multiple metrics, in order to filter out line items that are less important for analysis purpose (for example pages with very few visits).


I have a pages report where many pages is seen only a few times, but the few users seeing those pages spend quite some time on them and since I’m in this example is interesting in finding the pages visits the longest by a representative share of out visitors, I’ll have to remove those myself (couple of thousand) each time I need to analyze this.


Excel can help me by using a filter, but I’d like to stay in Discover for this purpose.

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I run into this all the time in ReportBuilder.  My reports are gangly when I do not apply this type of filtering in Excel after running it.  It seems that it would be a relatively simple feature to add.